The Avante Development Process

1. Define Audience & Objectives

We listen to you and ask questions about your clients in order to define objectives, identify the nature of the target audience and understand the competitive challenges the web site will face in internet search.

2. Develop Graphics and Content

We design the web site’s pages in a way that will connect with the target audience. This includes creating the visual graphic design, integrating the text for each page, and designing the site’s architecture.

3. Test Usability

After a prototype of the site is developed, we perform thorough testing to ensure proper functionality and that all objectives have been met. Usability testing is also performed to test visitor engagement and retention.

4. Production and Programming

We proceed with the production of all pages within the site and perform comprehensive testing in multiple browsers on both PC and MAC, while ensuring that the site behaves responsively on all types of devices.

5. Internet Marketing

We help your web site be found by potential customers through the process of search engine placement across multiple key word searches for your offernings. Visit our Internet Marketing page for more details.

Web Design Examples

Greenrooms needed some inspiration to create a truly unique experience for their customers via the web. What they provide is unique, so they needed a website that can show that uniqueness to their customers. We built their website completely from scratch with our talented designers, and developers. We made it responsive so it can be used on your mobile browsers as well as computer.

AZoutdoorlighting had a website built in the early 2000s, so we thought it would be a good time to brighten things up, and update the whole website.

LifelineLegal did not have a website. We collaborated with the owner to share ideas and were able to turn that into reality.

Contact Avante

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